Brass Wall Hanging - Totem - Home Decor

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Please note, I am currently taking around 3-6 weeks to get pieces made. Thanks so much for understanding the handmade nature of the product  
Also please note, international orders are taking longer than normal to arrive due to covid-19 -  sadly this is out of my control. It can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks for pieces to arrive.



This long, lean beauty is so easy to fit in around the home. But don't let its slim size fool you, it still makes a pretty big impact. 

You can group this up with other art or because its so slim, you could hang it in those narrow bits between windows or in a stairway?

It measures approx 8cm across and 80cm in length.

This piece has been finished with a brushed satin effect and coated with a lacquer to effectively resist tarnishing.




Although these wall hangings do have some weight to them, they are very easy to hang. Depending on you type of wall you could use brass picture hook, brass tacks or even removable adhesive hooks! Perfect if you're renting - just be sure to check the weight capacity.